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  • Classic


  • Chrysanthemum, Heliotrope

q03v75d0yf_9b12519c3a2162cb48662e29031207e0c44be60d_1512901409_6937.png oi7t4m4am7_4a66afb70c0dbb95684d0113939479a268486169_1512901407_038.png

  • Jade, Persimmon

lbhj4uc8rh_92d362a5f4e665b5b9fbf549f96977460955f5c1_1512901425_0107.png m9dr0h4kv6_e32a915e2c488e1ac235e9388791b9ed72312bc0_1512901430_0594.png

  • Earthen, Snow Plum

fu98r8dwxg_32770d7b7cdeb7b75d6af401ecf475890cc700fc_1512901404_777.png bvkaqjcmcy_8bb3279532811f0e965e5e5152fb9d538f855221_1512901432_2949.png

  • Firefighter, Rescue Mei

j450omb7p4_48eedfdf70a02f06d67a4f7964aa6715f82b6a9f_1512901405_9231.png pjrhqdi7y3_fcf78a0c0a31270c528ce019430d38c05716a23f_1512901431_1798.png

  • Abominable, Yeti Hunter (Mei cestovala do vzdálených oblastí po celém světě a vyšetřovala opuštěné ecopointy, poté co se Overwatch rozpustilo.)

43m3cdwqan_d7ebb24355b9576fbf76e65a50cb84c3a83e62bc_1512901402_0803.png 1iwyh4jvsd_938bbfaec4774372353510184def7eb3e0824495_1512901433_3901.png

  • Chang'e, Luna

lubpbvsqet_54cca9aecdca67cb9192f638cf02f0f97f70fa11_1512901408_1768.png 5diyx77ibp_9aaea6b51ea52fb0deab0ecbe7e58cad5f28081c_1512901427_3046.png

  • Beekeeper, Jiangshi

00lm0q5zik_4bdc3bb8f4aaf2b31e530d37012eb02ba8d2dbce_1512901403_1606.png 2ys9r930ux_21a9c8ad7456ce90f709c775d150c1c32a4ee6eb_1512901426_143.png

  • Mei-rry, Ecopoint: Antarctica


  • Pajamei


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